Old pet, new pet

Traditional and modern dog care methods

source: Jonathon Carr-Brown
Independent on Sunday December 19 1999 p12

There are traditional and modern, fashion-conscious ways of caring for dogs. The traditional methods include feeding the dog reconstituted meat products from a chipped bowl, with supplements from the dog's raids on the dustbin. The dog sleeps outside and is hosed down when he smells too strongly. He has obedience training at classes as a church hall, and still frightens the postman and chases rats. The new methods include feeding the dog on organic food in ergonomic feeders, with herbal supplements that minimise dog breath and flatulence. A thermal mattress may be provided. The dog visits his grooming parlour several times weekly and is given bach flower remedies and other alternative remedies for his emotional and behavioural needs. He has individual training from a therapist and is encouraged to stretch himself using creative play.


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