Quarantine rules that have dogged US pets are lifted

Cats and dogs can be brought to the UK from Canada and US with no quarantine

source: Michael McCarthy
Independent November 21 2002 p12

The UK government has decided to extend the Pet Travel Scheme to allow cats and dogs from North America to visit the UK, with no need for quarantine. This will allow diplomats and other people from Canada and the US to take their pets to the UK. The US embassy has been lobbying for this move for some time. The risk of rabies transmission from the US or Canada is judged to be low, according to UK Animal Health minister, Elliot Morley. The Pet Travel Scheme was first set up for Western Europe, and was then extended to Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Requirements for pets in the scheme include microchipping, rabies vaccinations, and anti-tick and tapeworm treatments prior to travel.