Phenobarbitone concentrations in the hair, saliva and plasma of eight epileptic dogs

Saliva may not be best medium to test phenobarbitone concentrations in epileptic dogs

source: M.Dunnett et al
Veterinary Record vol 150 no 23, June 8 2002
starts p718, 7 pages long

A study of eight dogs with idiopathic epilpsy and treated with phenobarbitone, has examined phenobarbitone concentrations in saliva, plasma and hair. There was a correlation between the plasma and hair concentrations and the daily phenobarbitone dosage. Phenobarbitone hair concentrations were also linked to doses given in the six months before testing. Saliva phenobarbitone concentrations were not correlated with dose rates or with plasma concentrations. Possible reasons for these results are discussed, as are previous studies in this area. One conclusion is that saliva does not appear to be a suitable medium to assess phenobarbitone concentrations, though more rigid conditions with standardised collection procedures could change this.