Biology and Diseases of the Ferret


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The updated, third edition of a key text geared to vets, biologists, and professionals involved with ferrets as laboratory animals. It's only really accessible to people who have a backgriound in biology. However, this book can be very useful for ferret owners who have such a background. because it gives up-to-date guidance on diagnosing and treating ferret ailments. There's detailed information on husbandry, treatments and surgery, including anaesthesia protocols. The new edition has ten new chapters, and gives information on the ferret genome project. The book is written for a US readership, so some topics are more of interest to US readers, for example the focus is on US rather than European regulations. Biology and Diseases of the Ferret is an invaluable resource for professionals dealing with ferrets, and people with a background in biology who have a passion for ferrets. True, it's quite pricey, but it covers an enormous amount of ground, and tells you all you're likely to need to know about ferret biology and diseases.