Ferret Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)


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This is one of the best introductory guides to keeping ferrets as pets. It's clearly written and accessible to novices. It's well worth reading this book before buying a ferret, or adding a new ferret to a household, because of the methodical way in which selection, housing, diet, behaviour, and other topics are dealt with. There's also a good section on health care and ferret ailments, which makes it a useful reference book. The help with training includes ideas on games to play with ferrets, which is important, because ferrets like to be entertained, and are apt to get up to mischief if they're out of their cages you aren't interacting with them. On the downside, 'The Ferret Handbook' is geared to an American readership, and misses out on some of the British expertise from a long tradition of keeping ferrets both as pets, and as working companions. This book could also do with updating, especially the information on ferret diets.