Ferrets For Dummies [Paperback]


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This the second edition of what is probably the best introductory manual for people who keep ferrets as pets. The book has been updated and expanded, with more, for example, on ferrets and diet. It is comprehensive, covering all aspects of ferret care, including breeding, housing, feeding, and entertaining your ferret. There's a lot of useful information on first aid, including equipment for a ferret first aid box. The book is geared to a US audience, so there isn't much on ferrets as working animals, and some of the expressions and recommended products are American. Owners who want to work their ferrets could supplement this with Simon Whitehead's book. 'Ferrets for Dummies' is easy to understand for a novice, and also has enough information to interest experienced owners. Perhaps there could be more on how much of a commitment these engaging animals involve. You really need hands-on experience with ferrets, and to talk to experienced ferret owners before taking the decision to acquire one.