Ferreting: An Essential Guide


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'Ferreting: An Essential Guide' is written by a professional ferreter, and is an excellent practical guide for people starting out in ferreting. There's a lot of demand for rabbit control these days, especially from people with allotments and gardens, who sow and carefully nurture young plants, only to have them chomped by rabbits. Ferreters perform a useful service. You can also eat the rabbits, which are not difficult to skin. Simon Whitehead is passionate about ferreting, and it shows. He's well-known for displays of ferreting, and has made DVDs, as well as written books on the subject. 'Ferreting' is pretty thorough for an introductory guide, and includes advice on selecting good working ferrets, understanding the terrain you're working, managing ferret teams, and equipment. He's especially interested in new technology, and gives a clear explanation of ferret locators. The information on regulations is also useful, especially as the book is geared to a UK readership. The book is well-illustrated. This is probably the best book on ferreting for novices, and enthusiasts who want a refresher course.