Scientists name 10 most threatened coral reefs

Concern about destruction of coral reef habitats

source: Steve Connor
Independent February 15 2002 p14

There is concern about the destruction of coral habitats, especially since they house a large proportion of marine life. Around a third of marine wildlife species are found in coral reefs, though they account for only 0.017% of the total ocean environment world wide, according to University of York’s Callum Roberts, speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in February 2002. Biodiversity can be affected when only small areas are destroyed. There are ten coral reefs seen as especially diverse and under threat, and they include reefs off the Philippines. Some marine life has already become extinct, such as green wrasse fish.

There has been less effort to conserve marine species than land species, in terms of setting up protected areas, yet such areas could be economically beneficial in providing hatcheries and safe places for younger fish, so that there are enough fish available to catch. This has been found in the Caribbean, where marine reserves off St Lucia were set up, and catches had almost doubled five years afterwards.