Caring for young stock

Taking care of young goats

source: Jenny White
Country Smallholding May 1999
starts p48, 2 pages long

Young goats need to suckle from their mothers as soon after birth as possible. The mother's teat may initially be too big for the kid, or she may not cooperate. In this case, owners should milk the mother and bottle feed the kid with this early milk, or colostrum to ensure the kid benefits from protection against diseases. Bottle milk should be fed at 40 deg C, in an insulated bottle. Bottle fed kids need feeding every four hours, reduced to four bottles a day after a few days, and three a day after two months. They need a regular feeding routine. Clean water should be available.

Weaning can start at five months, using pre-soaked sugar beet, chopped lucerne or green food, with concentrate rations introduced cautiously. Kids should also be groomed weekly with their mother to accustom them to being handled.