Kid care

Caring for young goats

source: Jenny White
Country Smallholding March 1998
starts p39, 2 pages long

Risks to kids, or goats under a year old, include Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis, and goat owners should ensure that kids are not infected. E.Coli also presents risks, and the kid's umbilical cord should be dipped in iodine tincture. Kids should be bottle-fed if they are not suckling properly. Their bedding should be dry and clean. Kids should not be tethered due to their liveliness.

Diarrhoea poses risks to kids, and dietary changes should be gradual to avoid this problem. Kids should not be allowed to graze where older goats and sheep have been, due to risks of worm infection. They should have access to sunlight, and should be groomed daily to help control lice as well as accustom them to being handled.