Taking nanny to be mated

Goat breeding advice

source: Jenny White
Country Smallholding October 1999
starts p41, 2 pages long

Goats have to produce kids regularly in order to keep up an abundant milk supply. The fertility of goats that do not have kids for several years may be affected. The quality of the sire is important, since there may be a risk of infection with Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis during mating, and poor-quality kids are as expensive to raise as good-quality kids. The British Goat Society and other organizations can provide details of studs. Goats begin to be in season from the autumn for three-week cycles to February. Goats in season tend to be excitable, with a sticky, red vulva. Billy goats tend to smell strongly, so it is best to wear old clothes when taking a nanny to stud.