In the absence of a vet

Advice for goat owners on dealing with medical emergencies

source: Jenny White
Country Smallholding June 2000
starts p49, 2 pages long

Goat owners may have to tackle emergencies when no vets are to hand, so they need a first-aid kit, the contents of which depend on their expertise and views on alternative therapies. They also need instructions on usage of equipment and medicines. The first-aid kit should include a veterinary guide to goats' health, a drenching gun, plastic syringe, or drenching bottle, scissors, gauze, wound powder, gentian violet, iodine, and a clinical thermometer as some of the essential items.

Vets may be busy, and can provide advice over the phone. Kidding does not usually need a vet's presence. New goatkeepers can learn about kidding from college courses, goat clubs, or friends who have goats, so that they are prepared when their first goats have kids.