Arthritic goat?

Arthritis in goats

source: Victoria Roberts
Country Smallholding April 2002 p20

Goats all over the world have been found with Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), and the main source of infection is for a kid to drink milk from an infected mother. Responsible owners test their herds in the UK. The disease is sometimes known as ‘big knee’, and affected goats may also be thin, and show nervous symptoms, have lymph nodes that are enlarged, and fall ill from pneumonia. No treatment has been developed.

Goats can also suffer from ordinary arthritis, which may be linked to Chlamydia or Mycoplasma infections, and long-term lameness over two years or so could be the result of this. Chondroprotective capsules such as Cortaflex and Synoquin, help with cartilage repair. Bute can help with lame goats, and antibiotics may be necessary. Goats may also lose weight if they suffer pain from arthritis, and are fussy eaters, so giving them food they like eating helps.