The Hedgehog : An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet


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This little book has now become a classic. It is an introductory guide to keeping African pygmy hedgehogs written by Dawn Wrobel,  a specialist in hedgehogs with a lot of practical experience. She has both bred African pygmy hedgehogs , and is involved in hedgehog rescue. Susan Brown, who is a vet specialising in exotic animals, contributed the section on health care for hedgehogs. The result is a very useful guide for owners of African pygmy hedgehogs, based on first-hand experience as well as research. The book thoroughly covers the basics that would-be and new owners need to know, it is well organised and well illustrated. It is accessible enough for older children. If pushed, I would prefer Sharon Vanderlip's book on African Pygmy hedgehogs as a first choice, simply because it is more up to date, but Dawn Wrobel's book comes a very close second, is good value for money, and is definitely worth reading, especially if you are a novice owner.