Prison farm closure raises fears for rare Suffolk horse

Suffolk Punch stud farm run by prisoners may be closed

source: Anna Whitney
Independent February 19 2001 p10

A Suffolk Punch stud farm run by prisoners could be closed, as part of a review of the Prison Service. The Hollesley Bay Prison, Suffolk, England, runs a farm with 22 pure-bred Suffolk Punches, and eight of the mares are pregnant. The breed is very rare, and there are only 237 Suffolk Punches registered. Vice-chairman of the Suffolk Horse Society, Martin Goymour, is concerned about the impact of the closure of the stud, which could lead to a loss of expertise. Keeping Suffolk Punches involves skill, since the stallions can be dangerous. Funding from the National Lottery has been refused. Suffolk local government officials argue that they need funding from regional protection schemes or the lottery if they are to take over the stud and keep it going as a visitor attraction.