Crisis-hit farm welcomes its gift zorse

Foal born of Shetland pony mother and zebra father

source: Helen Carter
Guardian June 27 2001 p1

A black and tan foal born to a Shetland pony at Eden Ostrich World, Langwathby, near Penrith, Cumbria, has unusual stripes, since she was fathered by a circus zebra called Bijou. The zebra had been spending the winter at a wildlife park, in the same field as Tilly, the pony. The wildlife park gave Tilly to Eden Ostrich World, unaware that she was pregnant.

Zebras only have 44 chromosomes, whereas horses have 64, so these hybrids are very unusual. A female zebra and a male horse are unable to breed. The British Horse Society noted that such hybrids would tend to be like Shetland ponies, but with big ears, stripes, and bad tempers, so they do not recommend creating them deliberately.