Laminitis - an explanation

Causes of laminitis and how to prevent it

source: Horse and Rider March 2001 p52

Laminitis is an inflammation that leads to tenderness and the horse being reluctant to walk. Other symptoms include sweating and trembling. It is a potentially very serious condition which has been attributed to a number of factors. These include eating too much lush grass, trauma, obesity, unsuitable shoeing, usage of corticosteroids, and Cushing's Disease. Owners should avoid feeding ponies and horses on high calorie diets, and avoid overworking horses where ground is hard. They should also control the intake of grass in autumn, spring, and when it has rained after a period of dry weather, since grass can be too rich at these times. The Laminitis Trust is a charity that aims to promote research in this field. May is National Laminitis Awareness Month. The trust provides factsheets which you can buy, and can be contacted on 020 8933 8383 (United Kingdom).