Horses Never Lie


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Mark Rashid's 'Horses Never Lie' makes more sense if you have already read his 'Considering the Horse', in which he explains how riders can learn from their horses. In 'Horses Never Lie', he explains how riders can become the sort of leader that horses choose to follow, rather than a rider who simply tries to impose his or her will on the horse. Riders have to be leaders, or senior partners, but you can choose your leadership style. A good leader is capable of listening, and of empathy, or having an understanding of the feelings of the horse. By becoming aware of what your horse is telling you, it becomes possible to build trust, and develop a two-way dialogue.

This isn't, then a book with simple instructions on how to train, rather it is about developing a good relationship that makes it possible both to tackle problems, and go on to major achievements. Horses are likely to be spooked by heavy-handed attempts to dominate them, and that can be counter-productive. Through developing trust, you and your horse can achieve more. This is a great book if you want to focus on your relationship with your horse, and are interested in understanding what 'passive leadership' means, though Sarah Fisher's 'Know Your Horse Inside Out' is more helpful if you want simple instructions.