Considering the Horse


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Mark Rashid has become very popular as a result of his chatty style, which rings bells with people who own challenging horses. Critics may argue that he sometimes appears just to be offering anecdotes rather than teaching, but this approach gives space for readers to think for themselves, and make their own conections. He argues that riders should earn the respect of their mounts, so that horses choose to follow them. This means that spending a long time developing a relationship of trust with a horse is all important. 'Considering the Horse' stresses the viewpoint of the horse, while 'Horses Never Lie' (see below) goes on to develop his ideas on passive leadership. People who are interested in learning how to read their horses, and learn from them, are likely to enjoy Mark Rashid's books, though if you want a book that is more of a 'how to' guide, you will probably find Sarah Fisher's book more rewarding.