Man Meets Dog


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Konrad Lorenz was a Nobel prizewinner who has had a major influence on the study of animal behaviour, especially in Europe. "Man Meets Dog" is a charming account of his views of dog-human relationships, with anecdotes from his own experiences. It's a very entertaining and readable book, which talks about cats as well as dogs.

The book first came out in 1954, but the questions Lorenz asked are questions that dog owners still ask today, such as how dogs see the world, how far their perceptions and behaviours are hard-wired, what influence breed and evolution have had on dogs, how they adapt to human society, how rewards and punishment affect their behaviour, and how owners can cope with the loss of their dogs.

'Man Meets Dog' is also interesting as social history, an account of how people lived with dogs at a time when they were allowed more freedom. This classic is a must read for anyone with an interest in dog behaviour.