Hedgehogs get a taste for spiked drinks

Risks to hedgehogs from drinking cider and beer in garden slug traps

source: Daily Mail May 17 2001 p33

British Hedgehog Preservation Society spokesman, Ann Jenkins, is concerned about hedgehogs that get drunk from sampling cider and beer in garden slug traps. Hedgehogs have been seen wandering erratically after a drink, snoring on their sides following a boozy session, and suffering from bad hangovers. There is concern that these hedgehogs could be attacked by predators while they are incapable of running away due to drink.

Cider and beer traps are often used by gardeners to kill slugs, avoiding the need for pesticides. The drink is put in a small container and left in the garden, where it also seems to attract hedgehogs overnight. These traps can be made with lids that do not have big enough holes for hogs’ snouts to get in, according to Jenkins.