Why Does My Rabbit...?


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'Why Does My Rabbit' has deservedly become a classic popular text on rabbit behaviour. It's a very useful book for any rabbit keeper who does more than keep their bunny in an outside hutch, and it's especially handy for people with house rabbits. There's a general section on 'behaviour counselling' for rabbits, which explains influences on rabbit behaviour, and a second section on wild rabbits, showing how the behaviour of domestic rabbits is influenced by their behaviour in the wild.

The bulk of the book consists of some 80 pages with questions and answers on rabbit behaviour, arranged according to topics, such as 'digging' in alphabetical order. There are also three appendices, on plants poisonous to rabbits, how to teach dogs to leave rabbits alone, and how to build a run for a rabbit. The alphabetical secition also gives help on promoting good relations between rabbits and other pets, such as cats. This book is not only informative, it's enjoyable to read, and very funny in parts. It's accessible to older children, and helps them to understand rabbits' needs, as well as encouraging them to read.