rabbit opaedia

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This book is an absolute ‘must have’ for any rabbit owner, experienced or not. It covers the principles of rabbit keeping in great detail, including feeding, housing and breeding, with lots of practical advice for novices. There is a section on caring for a house rabbit, which is becoming a popular way to keep rabbits now; and it offers invaluable advice on rabbit-proofing your home, exercise and house training. The health care section is full of fascinating information, even the anatomy and physiology section, which, let´s face it, a lot of us gloss over to get to the more interesting bits, is presented in a way that it is never boring.. There is an A-Z of rabbit diseases, which may seem a bit daunting at first, but each disease or ailment is explained in easy to understand terms. Rabbit breeds and exhibiting are also covered, and there is an important section on poisonous plants, with illustrations.

Meg Brown is a lifelong rabbit owner and breeder, while vet Virginia Richardson runs a rabbit clinic within her veterinary practice. I cannot praise this book highly enough, and sincerely wish it had been available when I kept rabbits myself.

Review by Gillian Harvey