Rabbits for Dummies


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This is really a book designed for people who keep house rabbits, rather than for rabbit keepers with a hutch or two in the garden. There is plenty about interacting with your house rabbit, but not enough on keeping hutch rabbits happy and safe, indeed, if you followed the recommendations in this book, you could end up with some pretty miserable rabbits. In the old days, rabbits were often kept alone in small hutches, not much fun for a social animal which needs exercise. Today there is far more understanding of rabits' needs, and this understanding is not reflected in 'Rabbits for Dummies'. If you want a good, general book on rabbits, then Rabbitlopaedia is a much better offering. There is a fair bit in Rabbits for Dummies on understanding rabbit behaviour, and learning to interact with your rabbit. 'Living with a House Rabbit' is perhaps more useful for understanding the joys and challenges of sharing your home with a bunny.