Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses


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Though 'Rabbit Medicine and Surgery' is geared to vet nurses, it's actually a very useful book for rabbit owners, because it has a lot of information on caring for rabbits and disease prevention, as well as diagnosing and treating rabbit health problems. As it's written for vet nurses rather than vets, it's far more accessible than the more technical works on rabbit health geared to vets alone, and the illustrations make the text clearer.

The strength of this book is that it's more authoritative than most popular guides to rabbit health, drawing on recent research, as well as the author's extensive experience in preventing and treating rabbit health problems.

The physical needs of rabbits, such as nutrition and housing, are well covered, and there's an account of rabbit behaviour, linked to their natural history. People who keep rabbits as pets, especially house rabbits, will probably want to know more about rabbit behaviour. They could supplement this books with Anne McBride's classic 'Why Does My Rabbit', or Marit Emilie Buseth's 'Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care', both of which are extremely good guides to understanding your rabbit's mind.