Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care


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This is an up-to-date, in-depth guide to rabbit behaviour and care, translated from Norwegian. It's great strength is in looking at rabbit behaviour in the context of rabbit care as a whole The book starts off with looking at wild rabbits, and how they came to be pets, before looking at behaviour, learning and communication, and rabbits as social animals. There are chapters on rabbit nutrition, housing, hygiene, neutering, and breeding, as well as a chapter on house rabbits, and the necessary rabbit-proofing you need to undertake to share your home with your bunny.

'Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care' is especially strong on rabbit behaviour, both normal behaviour arising from the nature of rabbits, and psychological problems that rabbits can develop if their needs aren't met. It's not quite as strong on medical problems as 'Rabbit Medicine and Surgery', but then it's not a vet textbook for treating rabbit ailments. It is probably worth vets reading this book, because many rabbit health problems are linked to the way they are kept, and paying especial attention to diet and housing can prevent many health problems. It's well worth reading this book once you've decided that rabbits are for you, so that you can give your bunnies the best life possible.