Collins Pocket Guide - Freshwater Life


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This is a guide to more than 900 species of freshwater wildlife in the UK and mainland Europe, covering plants, insects, molluscs, and other wildlife, as well as amphibians. It is a useful addition to the library of anyone who is interested in freshwater ecology as a whole, rather than just attracting a few frogs to their pond. The book is very well illustrated, so can help you identify insects which may colonise your pond, enabling you to check whether they can live alongside amphibians or are likely to pose a threat to tadpoles and adults.

This guide to Freshwater Life is also a useful book to take on holiday anywhere where you're likely to be able to observe freshwater wildlife. There are a lot of illustrations which make the book interesting for younger naturalists who want to know more about what they see in streams and ponds. This is a book that will deepen your understanding of native wildlife, and the environment in which amphibians live in the UK.