Ponds: Designing, Building, Improving and Maintaining Ponds and Water Features 


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The first step to attracting amphibians to your garden is to have the right sort of pond. This book is especially useful for people who want to build and maintain a pond as a haven for native amphibians. The Pond Specialist starts with advice on how to check out your garden to choose the best site. It lists what you're likely to need in terms of materials and tools, and gives advice on electrical wiring, if you plan anything fancy.

There is specific advice on wildlife ponds for amphibians, though this book is just as useful for people wanting to keep fish. The text is easy to follow, and readers are helped by plentiful photos and drawings. The explanations are thorough, there are discussions of advantages and disadvantages of different solutions, and there's lots of specific advice on what to do and what not to do.

'Ponds' is inexpensive and can save you money if you buy it before embarking on your project, rather than having to rectify expensive mistakes. Other books can tell you more about amphibians and wildlife in general, but this book is especially useful if you want to make a difference by creating a haven for amphibians.