Frogs and Toads


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Devin Edmonds works on amphibian conservation in Madagascar, where he has helped to set up a captive frog breeding facility. He was previously an amphibian breeder, and has a degree in zoology. He has written both popular and academic articles on caring for and conserving amphibians.

‘Frogs and Toads’ is an introductory guide to keeping toads and frogs, including tree frogs. It‘s clearly written, and covers health issues, one of Edmonds’ particular concerns, as well as housing, feeding and breeding. He stresses preventing health problems by providing the right environment. There is some information on individual species, though as different species of frogs and toads vary in their needs, it’s not really enough as a care manual for a particular species. ‘Frogs and Toads’ is an excellent starter-guide, and useful for people just interested in amphibians, and anyone deciding on which species to keep.