Mini Encyclopedia of Bearded Dragons


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A new book from veteran Chris Mattison on Bearded Dragons, which are especially popular pets. They can grow quite big, but are easy to tame. They are also handsome lizards, often colourful, and sporting crests to scare off anything that might eat them, or to attract a mate. In addition, they breed freely in captivity, given the right conditions. This book shows how to choose healthy lizards, and how to create the right conditions for them, so they are more likely to give you pleasure for a long time. The book is accessible enough for novices, and informative enough to interest experienced owners. It is also well illustrated, which both makes it easier to follow, and the pictures are a pleasure in themselves.

Chris Mattison is a zoologist with a particular interest in natural history and herpetology. He is a prolific writer and a talented photgrapher, and has carried out many trips all over the world to study reptiles in their narural habitat.