Boa Constrictor Manual (Advanced Vivarium Systems)


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Boa constrictors are big snakes, though not quite as big as Burmese pythons. They kill prey by squeezing it, but they’re usually quite easy to handle so long as you use common sense and don't frighten them. Keeping them relaxed is especially important for young snakes and those that aren’t used to being handled. This guide gives you a lot of good advice on handling your snake, and all other aspects of care, like providing the right temperature and lighting, feeding, and type of enclosure.

‘Boa Constrictor Manual’ is especially useful for diagnosing and treating infections and other health problems, and checking for signs that you may need to call a vet. There’s advice on breeding, which may not be especially helpful if you can’t find takers for the baby snakes! These are animals that need responsible owners, and you need a lot of space if you can’t find homes as soon as your snakes are ready to leave you.

There’s not a lot of information in ‘Boa Constrictor Manual’ on how boas live in the wild. The Natural History Museum’s ‘Snakes’ is a more useful guide for understanding snakes in their original habitats. However, this book is very good value as a guide to caring for boa constrictors in captivity.