Turtles: An Extraordinary Natural History 200 Million Years in the Making


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Carl Franklin's book is a fascinating account of the turtle family, which includes tortoises. It is informative enough to interest biologists, and accessible enough to interest young readers. It is of especial interest to people who keep turtles and want to know more about them. Franklin explains how turtles evolved, their role in ecosystems, turtle behaviour, and more. One problem that turtles face is demand from the pet trade, so it is worth thinking about where a turtle comes from before you consider buying it. There are over 300 known species of turtle which live in a wide range of environments, from the sea to the mountains. Obviously it helps pet owners to understand the needs of their pet better by understanding how the animal lives in the wild, but this book is a good read in its own right. It is likely to interest anyone who likes reptiles. There is useful contact information for people wanting to find out more, or get involved in conservation. The book is well illustrated, and the author is obviously enthusiastic about his subject - a real treat, and highly recommended.