Medicine and Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles [Hardcover]


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This is a very pricey book, but is well worth investing in if you are a vet. It is also useful if you are a serious enthusiast with several tortoises and turtles, especially if you want them to breed. It is also like to be useful for someone who works with tortoises and turtles at a zoo, or is involved in chelonian research and conservation. There is simply no other reference book which is as well-researched and provides as much information on Tortoise and Turtle health care and management. The book is written by an international team of chelonian veterinarians, and covers conservation, nutrition, husbandry, anatomy and physiology, as well as more strictly medical topics such as diseases and their diagnoses, anaesthesia, and surgery. It is very well illustrated, with more than 1,000 photographs, which can help with diagnoses and husbandry. There are also illustrations and charts, which help to make the information very accessible. The presentation of the book as a tough hardback also means that it is likely to survive decades of use, and it is unlikely that any individual or team will top this book for some time, because of the sheer amount of research and care with presentation that has gone into Medicine and Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles.