Keeping a Pet Tortoise


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Andy and Nadine Highfield have some thirty years experience with tortoises. They are well known for their work with the Tortoise Trust, and are concerned about tortoises in the wild, as well as pet tortoises. This book helps readers to understand tortoises in their natural environment, and threats to their survival, including those posed by the pet trade. It goes beyond simply providing guidelines for tortoise care, and helps buyers to take responsible decisions on choosing a tortoise, so that protected species are not placed under further threat. Different tortoise species are described, with photos, and their information on their natural habitats is helpful for owners wanting to recreate a suitable environment for their pet tortoises. There is a lot of help with diet, an area which is often neglected by novice owners who allow their tortoises to wander round their gardens and hope that and a bit of lettuce now and then is enough. There is also help  for owners wanting to keep their tortoises indoors, both with feeding and housing. The section on hibernation is especially useful for novices. The book also provides some information on breeding tortoises, though owners wanting to breed their pets probably need more specialist help. In general, this book is likely to be of most use to a novice, though anyone who likes tortoises will find it interesting for the photoes and the information on the natural history of tortoises.