Chef’s special

Turtle studied by conservationists is eaten in barbecue

source: Eric Niiler
New Scientist August 11 2001 p17

Wildcoast, a conservation group from San Diego, had tracked an East Pacific green turtle weighing 110 kilograms, from December 2000 to March 2001, while the turtle swam from southern Mexico to Baja California on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The signals ceased in March, and the turtle was later found to have been eaten at a barbecue attended by some 100 people villagers. Schoolchildren had been observing the adventures of the turtle, through the internet. Mexican law protects sea turtles, but the law is not strictly enforced, and green turtles are also seen as a good source of meat. An estimated 30,000 green turtles are consumed annually in Baja California Sur. The transmitter cost 2,500 US dollars, and Wildcoast is hoping to get it back.