Is my baby safe from Tracy the python?

Escaped python presents little risk to humans

Source: Alok Jha
Guardian Life, June 26 2002 p2

A pet python which has escaped from its home in Sheffield, England, is not seen as likely to present a risk for humans. Pythons lose their appetites when they are cold, and this means that they are not likely to want to eat outside heated enclosures in the UK. The python's owner has expressed concern, but Chester Zoo's reptiles curator, Kevin Buley, notes that Pythons can go for long periods with no food, and prefer to eat in familiar surroundings, since they are unable to move after eating large prey. Pythons can still bite, but their bite is not poisonous. The python is likely to be found asleep somewhere dark, or she may venture onto tarmac after dark, since tarmac can retain heat.