Mice (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)


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Sharon Vanderlip's book 'Mice' is a much more detailed guide than Stephanie Shulman's, and really, this is the best choice if you want to keep your mice healthy, living long lives. There is much more help with preventing, diagnosing and treating illnesses. This book is also very good on the basics, like choosing, housing and feeding mice. There's help with handling mice safely, and there are even suggestions for toys, and activities to keep your mouse entertained. The book is well-organized, with summaries set out in charts and checklists for easy reference. There's help with breeding mice, including the fancy varieties, with a basic guide to their reproductive cycle, pregnancy, nursing, weaning and the development of mice pups. The book is well-illustrated, so will appeal to older children, though younger children may find Stephanie Shulman's book more accessible.