Hamster Care: The Essential Guide to Ownership, Care, & Training For Your Pet


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Kate Pellham’s ‘Hamster Care’ has a lot of background information on different types of hamsters found in the wild, as well as the differences between those hamster species that are commonly kept as pets. It’s worth researching these differences before getting a pet hamster, because species vary a lot, for example in how much they can get on with other hamsters.

‘Hamster Care’ also guides would-be owners through getting everything ready for their pet, and basic care, such as feeding, hygiene, and preventing and recognizing common health problems. There’s guidance on handling hamsters, as well as ideas about training them.

‘Hamster Care’ is geared more to older children with an interest in animals in general. Parents may need to discourage children from following the instructions in this book on breeding hamsters, because it makes light of some of the difficulties of breeding, as well as the challenge of ensuring that the babies go to good homes.