RSPB Gardening for Wildlife: A Complete Guide to Nature-friendly Gardening


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Though Adrian Thomas' book is called the 'RSPB Gardening for Wildlife', it is about far more than birds. He also considers the needs of insects such as moths and butterflies, as well as amphibians and mammals. It is a very comprehensive book, both in terms of measure to encourage wildlife, and help with identifying the creatures you manage to attract into your garden. Adrian Thomas knows his stuff, both in terms of wildlife, and in terms of gardening. His approach is far more sophisticated than simply allowing a corner of your garden to grow wild and be left 'organic'; there is a long list of plants that attract different sorts of wildlife, and careful planting goes a long way towards creating a haven.

One refreshing feature of this book is that is has something for everyone, including people with just a small area to play with, even if it is only a balcony. There are tips for people who have the space to create different types of habitat, such as wetland, meadow, or woodland gardens, and tips for people of more modest means.

The author's enthusiasm shines through, which makes this book a pleasure to read. The book is also well organised. It includes a very handy garden calendar, is well-illustrated, and is very clearly written.