How to Create a Wildlife Garden: Complete Instructions for Designing and Planting Wildlife Habitats, with Over 40 Practical Projects, a Directory of 70 Wildlife Species and 800 Photographs


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This is a comprehensive book on wildlife gardening likely to delight gardeners, because there is so much information on individual plants, and on setting up and maintaining different types of garden features, such as borders and lawns, as habitats. There is help with plant propagation, as well as an account of which plants are likely to attract different types of wildlife. Readers can start from scratch, and plan their own gardens, or improve what they already have. The instructions are clear enough for novices, though you do need some enthusiasm for gardening as well as for wildlife. This is perhaps not the best book for someone who insists on very low-maintenance gardening, or who just wants to let their garden run wild. However, it does convey the pleasure of gardening, so may convert some unbelievers into enthusiastic gardeners.

The book deals with a wide range of wildlife species, including insects. There are tips on attracting wildlife species which can help gardeners, as well as tips on dealing with creatures that you would prefer not to share your garden with. How to Create a Wildlife Garden is very easy to understand, and is well illustrated, which helps both with following instructions, and identifying plants. Highly recommended.