Hedgehogs: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual


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This book may surprise British readers, because it focuses on a rather exotic type of hog, the African Pygmy Hedgehog, which is popular in the US as a pet, but is less well-known in Britain. Wild European hedgehogs are really best left in the wild, and if you are a hedgehog lover, you can encourage them by making your garden hedgehog-friendly - see below for some useful books on how to do this.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are smaller than European hedgehogs, and are geared to living in hot climates, so they need to live indoors. Sharon Vanderlip's book is an interesting introduction to these exotic animals, whether you are interested in keeping one as a pet, or whether you just like hedgehogs, even if you don't actually want an African Pygmy Hedgehog as a pet. The book gives basic information on African Pygmy Hedgehogs both in captivity and in the wild, and has some lovely photos. It is easy to follow, so is accessible enough for older children, as well as adults. This guide covers a bit more ground than Dawn Wrobel's introduction to African Pygmy Hedgehogs, though neither is more than a basic guide, and serious hobbyists are likely to want more information.