Reptile and amphibian associated salmonellosis in childcare centers, United States

Risks to children from salmonella infections caught from reptiles and amphibians

Source: Vora, N.M., Smith, K.M., Machalaba, C.C., Karesh, W.B.
Emerging Infectious Diseases  vol 18  no 12, 2012 pp 2092-2094.

.Children are especially at risk from salmonella infections, which kill some 600 people a year in the United States, of around 1.4 million reported cases.  Reptiles and amphibians can pass on this illness, so it is important for people to wash their hands after touching them. Due to the risk of infection, young children should not handle reptiles and amphibians, and these animals should not be kept in childcare centres.  Not all US states have adequate regulations to protect children in childcare centres, and state regulations should be tightened where they are absent or too lax, to follow guidelines from the Center for Disease Control.