Ball Python Manual (Herpetocultural Library)


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Ball pythons are a popular first choice for people keeping snakes. They’re very beautiful and are quite big, though not as large as some of the python family. They tend to be easy to handle once they’ve got used to contact with humans. However, they can suffer from stress, and refuse to eat. They may also wind themselves up tightly when they’re scared, which is why they’re called 'ball pythons'. They’re long-lived snakes, so taking one on is a serious commitment.

'Ball Python Manual’ is a good basic guide to caring for these snakes. There’s help with feeding, including reluctance to eat, on gentle and firm handling, providing the right home for a ball python, and tackling and preventing health problems. There’s also help with breeding. ‘Ball Python Manual’ is pretty basic, and focuses more on snakes born in the wild, but it’s an inexpensive book, and is good value for a novice.