What's Wrong with My Snake? (Herpetocultural Library)


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‘What’s Wrong with My Snake?’ is a very handy reference book giving veterinary advice for snake keepers. It covers a wide range of health problems, including respiratory infections, parasite infestations, and loss of appetite, and there’s also help with behavioural issues like aggression.

The book is well organised, so it is easy to find what you’re looking for in an emergency. There are charts for quick reference, and illustrations to help with diagnosing problems. Some solutions are offered, when it’s easy to tackle a problem yourself, and there’s also advice on which signs and symptoms mean that you really need help from a vet.

Perhaps the most important part of ‘What’s Wrong with My Snake?’ is the advice on prevention, since many health problems can be prevented by providing the right environment and making sure that snakes aren’t stressed out. There are also ponters to further reading which you can follow up online. This is a very useful reference book for both novice and experienced snake owners.