Ragdoll Cats (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual)


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Ragdoll cats are a large breed which was developed from white cats with long hair and Siamese markings. They come in a range of colours, and have blue eyes. They are gentle, affectionate cats, which are robust enough to be good family cats, and they tend not to climb as much as many breeds, so are less likely to get into mischief. They don't need as much grooming as Persian cats, despite their long fur, and they aren't very noisy. The breed is very relaxed when handled, and tends not to defend itself. Many people keep Ragdoll cats as indoor cats on the grounds that they can't easily defend themselves against local moggies, though they benefit from an enclosed area in the garden or apartment balcony, if they are kept as indoor cats.

This book is a short introduction to the breed, which has some nice pictures. It's clearly written and up-to-date, and is an excellent introduction for novices, especially people new to cat ownership, though most Ragdoll enthusiasts are likely to want more!