Persian Cat

pers cat

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This excellent book about Persian cats with some beautiful colour photographs would be useful for new and experienced owners, as well as those who wish to breed and show Persians. It covers all the usual information you’d find in a cat book, such as health care and feeding, as well as more Persian related advice, such as grooming, and each chapter features highlighted hints and related points of interest, which is a nice touch. As an owner of Persians I was pleased to see a whole chapter devoted to the all-important grooming, which provides sensible advice on the right sort of grooming equipment to choose, as well as how to bath your cat.

The chapter about the origins of the Persian cat is interesting and there is an easy to follow guide to the different coat colours and patterns accompanied by some stunning photographs. I would have liked to see a bit more about the intrinsic nature of the Persian cat, but it is still an invaluable addition to a breed specific library.

Review by Gillian Harvey