That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon (New, Revised)

maine coon

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Maine Coon cats are magnificent beasts, and were developed in Maine, America. They have long, thick, fur and can tolerate the cold well. Some individuals have tufts on their ears so they look like lynxes. They come in a range of colours, and are large cats, but not giants - they just look even bigger than they are because of their shaggy coats.

Maine Coon cats were allowed to develop naturally as a breed, and matings planned by humans are fairly recent compared to many breeds, so recent natural selection means that they are relatively tough and healthy cats.

This breed doesn't really like to be confined indoors, and prefers to be patrolling the garden, investigating mouseholes and warning the local mutts to stay away. They can get on very well with dogs in the same household, and are also robust enough to make good family cats.

This book is a delight for cat enthusiasts - you don't have to be a Maine Coon owner to enjoy the stories of the breed. There is also advice on general care and breeding of Maine Coons. There's enough in this book to interest discerning Maine Coon fans as well as newcomers to the breed.